Sunday, January 13, 2008

KFC's Deceitful Advertisement

1. Everyone in Malaysia knows about KFC's Triple XL burger that is supposedly very big and fulfilling. (as advertised in the fake KFC ad)

2. Please refer to the snapshot of the Zinger burger and the new Triple XL burger (Pictures are taken from the same height and a piece of ten cent coin is included in the picture to provide a sense of size scaling to the viewer)
3. As you can see, the XL burger is indeed longer but the meat in it is not as advertised; the advertisement shows two individually fried, whole, meats.

4. Lets compare the size of the meat in these two burgers, shall we?

They are about the same size!

5. So, what's so 'triple' or 'XL' about this new burger? The burger is obviously made from the same meat used to make Zinger Maxx. The only difference is that it is cut in half (pretty badly) to fit the long, narrow, new bun. Ha ha ha ha ha... we all got cheated, isn't that funny.

6. Price analysis:-
Triple XL burger

  • RM6.60 + RM[5%(6.60)] = RM6.93
Zinger Maxx burger
  • RM5.50 + RM[5%(5.50)] = RM5.78
We are paying an extra RM1.15.

7. I have to agree the price is indeed for triple XL burger because:-

3 x (Big sized Ramli Burger = RM2.50) = RM7.50

8. But we can't blame KFC for the inacurate representation of the burger in the ad because they have already mentioned it that

"Prices subject to 5% Government tax where applicable. Serving featured is for illustration purposes only.
Prices applicable in Klang Valley outlets only. Should any discrepancy occur in published price,the pricing at restaurant point of purchase is deemed final."

9. You have trouble reading the verbatim above right? Well KFC's own website isn't doing a heck of a job either, check it out at KFC's webpage on Triple XL burger (don't forget to watch the Ad video posted on the page)


Trade Descriptions Act 1972 (Amended in 1982)

This act protects the consumers from the manufacturers and traders that uses fake brands and provides the wrong information on a particular product.

SKBSM Living Skills – Secondary 2

(translated from the original text written in the Malay Language, prepared by the Ministry of Education)

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